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Diestrx LS Light Weapons Jacket

$279.99 – $309.99 CAD

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MADE TO ORDER ITEM The Diestrx LS Jacket is a female form light weapons jacket, named after Lois Spangler, who is a translator and fencer. The Diestrx LS is designed to fit the female form, though it can also be customized to fit a male form as well. The Diestrx LS has a straight across cut bottom which is different compared to the Diestro’s V cut bottom. The Diestrx LS comes with pockets for the chest/breast, abdomen, sides, & shoulder inserts. Inspired by doublets of the Renaissance, the Diestrx LS comes with special gussets (armpit area) that improve arm articulation and prevent the jacket torso from rising. Product Detail: Sizing – All jackets are custom tailored to fit Jacket Material – Double layered Cotton Canvas Padding Material – Cotton broadcloth & 4 layers of wadding Shoulder Inserts – Artificial Cartilage Foam Colour Options – Red, Navy Blue, Black, & Pink (Limited time only) Protection – 350N material was tested by an independent Canadian lab (averaged 410N) Pricing: Non Padded (comes with pockets but no inserts) – $279.99 CAD / $215 USD Padded (comes with padding inserts & shoulder ACF insert) – $309.99 CAD / $238 USD Limited production only 20 made per year

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