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DISCLAIMER: HEMA is a violent sport, and we will not have any liability or be held responsible to you for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any products purchased from HEMA Gear Canada.

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HGC 350N Gambeson

$200.00 CAD – $160.00 USD


HEMA Gear Canada 350N Gambesons are made with 350N certified fabric.

This gambeson is made for HEMA use, it is designed to provide the wearer protection without redistricting movements that is needed for the practice of historical fencing.

It has optimum mobility in the arms and shoulders. Thick protection for the upper arm area, and chest. This Gambeson is meant for heavy to medium trainers i.e Longsword to Military Saber

The HGC model comes with sport mesh liner material to provide the wearer with maximum comfort.

See the size chart below for more details

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    Fantastic !
    whats a great product. Top tier for sure. #1 service also. recommending buying here
    Love it!

    This is a fantastic gambeson. It is comfortable, mobile, and protective. I don’t know what the inner lining is made of but it’s super soft and smooth. Feels good even while wearing a tank top. Looking forward to many hours of sparring and tournament fights in this. Everything was exactly as advertised and the customer service was first rate!

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