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Paddy – HEMA Fencing Mask Lining

$40.99 CAD / $32.99 USD

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Paddy is the Rearguard fencing mask lining, or mask insert, that is made especially having HEMA in mind. The lining is made out of a 3D mesh material which provides ventilation as well as some shock absorption. They also did not stop there, they also added a special ACF foam which drastically decreases the force from blows to the head.

The ACF Foam is located on the temples, forehead, and top of the head.

Additionally, Rearguard also added some microfiber materials for all you bearded people so that you can be extra comfy during fencing! The lining is compatible with any mask that has a removable lining.

Since the Lining is machine washable, we specifically recommend this item to clubs where many fencers use the same mask!

Size is measured by taking a measuring tape and going around your head in the following manner: under the chin, to ear, to top of the head, to other ear, and back down to under the chin (or just go by the mask size that you will be using for the padding).

Small (56-60cm) Medium (61-65cm) Large (66-69cm) XL (Over 70cm)


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