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SPES AP Pro 350N Size Large


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AP PRO 350N jacket is a combination of wearing comfort with high level of durability. The design is based on the standard “AP” model, highly valued among HEMA lovers.

The modernized structure is an excellent, comprehensive solution for all HEMA trainees, regardless of the type of exercises. We recommend using it for heavy training with the longsword simulator.

This jacket is made of black material and fastened with zipper + velcro. Black suede leather was added to the front with velcro. You can detach it without any problems. Additionally, it has mountings on the sleeves, where the PRO overlays are attached. The collar has a blade-catcher.

Fabric used in making of this jacked has 350N puncture resistance. A leather element is attached to the front, which improves durability without reducing the comfort of use.

There are plastic, specially shaped PRO overlays attached to the mountings on the sleeves which let you use the jacket without the necessity of wearing additional overlays. It also shortens the preparation time before training, letting you enjoy it.

The high level of durability combined with the comfort of use allow you to fully enjoy the feelings during training. Despite the increased level of cushioning, this jacket is comfortable and does not restrict the movement during use.

  • leather at the front can be detached
  • PRO overlays are included

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