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SPES AP Women’s HEMA Jacket 350N


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After noticing a growing group of ladies within HEMA community along with the growing popularity of this jacket model SPES decided to redesign it in the best way to be suitable for ladies’ anatomical shape.

New, wider size chart allows choosing the suitable size of the jacket. Entirely changed cut perfectly fits the woman’s silhouette. Strap adjustment allows fitting of the jacket’s width at the belt, which makes it very comfortable in use. Slits on the back make the jacket fit perfectly and prevent movement limitation during training.

To increase the protection level, the jacket has thick amortization layers on the chest, ribs, shoulders and elbows. The construction consists of layers such as: outer layer (made of durable cotton fabric), amortization layer and inside lining (same colour as outer).

All the examples of Woman’s AP jacket 350N are equipped with a new, stronger YKK zipper with durability of 90kg/cm.

The jacket is made of fabrics which have a 350N puncture resistance certificate.

The jacket is available in three standard colours: black, red and white.
Custom colours are also available for a $25.00 surcharge which you can choose from our palette of colours.

“AP” Women’s Fencing Jacket 350N v3.0 (10/2016):

• changed cut, which is better fitted for women’s body
• wider range of measurements in order to choose suitable size easier
• additional possibility to adjust the jacket at the belt due to the fastening strap at the back
• slits at the back, which allow better fitting of the jacket and free movement of the whole body

AP Women’s HEMA Jacket 350N V2.0 (09/2015):

• The fabrics have been certified 350N puncture resistance.
• The construction of the jacket has been strengthened.
• More durable zip.

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