Personal Protective Equipment for Historical Martial Arts

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Customize Your Own Sparring Gloves

SPES Finger Tip Protectors


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In order to increase the cushioning of the five-finger material gloves, we have designed a set of finger overlays, commonly known as “fingertips”.

They are universal, so they can be worn by both women and men, regardless of the size or type of gloves. They will be perfect, for example, in a duet with the Dueling model.

They are made of black, flexible plastic, approx. 3 mm thick. The set includes 10 pieces of overlays.

They are made of a specially profiled plastic that is very durable and smooth to the touch. You can be calm about your fabric gloves – they will not destroy them!

They are placed and fitted on each ‘bare’ finger, and afterwards selected gloves are put on, e.g. Duelling.

They do not get in the way during use. They also do not require additional mountings, because it’s enough to put them on your fingers and squeeze lightly to keep them firmly in place.

  • set includes 10 pieces of overlays, five for a hand.
  • we recommend wearing them under the selected gloves

Material : Plastic PE (polyethylene)

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