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SPES Light HEMA Jacket NG 800N


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This newly improved Light AP is much better than the previous version. The new version has removable padding that covers the areas that were not covered before i.e Upper Chest, and just above the elbow. Recommend this jacket to folks who train in a variety of weapons from light to medium intensity. Some parts of this jacket feels better protected or just as close as the Non-Light AP version, however the Non Light AP will always give better all around protection.

Features of the jacket:
based on the AP Light HEMA jacket 350N
increased breathability and air circulation
better fitting to the body – adjustable back strap
available in XS-XXL size range
attachment points for Shell overlays
800N puncture resistance
extra pockets for additional cushioning foams
new, refreshed design

Jacket is available in ONLY 5 colors:

  • black
  • red
  • white
  • blue
  • warm grey

Current Stock:
S – Black

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