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SPES Trinity Overlay


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The shape of the Trinity Integrated Mask Overlay 350N refers to the quilted hoods used in medieval Europe.

Made for people who want to increase the durability of their HEMA masks. The overlay can be used by both women and men during training with any simulator.

It is made of black fabric and covers the front, sides and back of the head, including the larynx. The collar of the overlay is elongated – it covers the shoulders and collarbones. It is fastened at the back with one long, adjustable velcro.

The Trinity 350N overlay is the only such developed product designed to be worn on HEMA masks. In the area of the larynx there is a shock-absorbing plastic insert. In addition, the overlay has quilted shoulders and a movable occipital cover with plastic inserts.

Inside, it has a layer made of cushioning foam. The rear part is additionally covered with a 3D mesh and has 350N puncture resistance. The whole thing is completed with a layer of durable plastic, bulged in the occipital part and perforated in the cervical part (second one makes the back bend and does not interfere during training). The stabilizing element is a velcro strap handle sewn in at the point where the occipital part connects with the upper part of the overlay.

In addition to high cushioning, the Trinity 350N provides a lot of comfort during exercise. It does not restrict movement and does not affect mobility in the neck or shoulder area in any way.

In order to choose the proper size of the Trinity Mask Overlay 350N, please take the girth of the mask as shown in the picture below:

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