Ordering SPES with HGC

Quality goods that meets the standards of HEMA

This is a temporary order sheet for SPES goods. We are still in the process of becoming an official SPES distributor, and until then
we will be organizing group orders. We want to show SPES that Canada has enough interest to have an official SPES distributor.

To keep this order sheet from being cluttered, please go to their official website for like more information on SPES Products.

Custom sizing will require you to send in measurements. Please put in your measurements in the comment box,
at the very bottom of the form. Use the website below for reference when custom measuring.
We need information for A1,C2,C3,C4,C5,D1,D2,D3,D4,D5,D7, & E1.

Ordering SPES products with HGC may take up to 1-3 months
and will require a down deposit
All Custom sizing/orders are non-refundable

SPES AP Mens 800N
SPES AP Womens 800N
SPES AP Light 800N
AP 800N Colors
AP 350N Colors

Standard Mens Sizing Options

Sleeve Length64cm67cm67cm68cm
Chest range54cm58cm62cm67cm
Chest girth85-100cm95-115cm100-120cm110-130cm
Hips range48cm55cm59cm66cm
Waist girth75-85cm85-95cm95-110cm110-130cm
Total length61cm66cm66cm66cm
All custom sizing/orders are non refundable

Standard Womens Sizing Options

Chest girth76-83cm83-90cm90-97cm97-104cm104-114cm114-124cm
Waist girth60-67cm67-74cm74-81cm81-88cm88-98cm98-108cm
Hips girth84-91cm91-98cm98-105cm105-112cm112-120cm120-128cm
Arm length56cm58cm60cm62cm64cm66cm
All custom sizing/orders are non refundable