Blunted trainers used for historical martial arts

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HF Sidesword Light

$309.99 CAD / $246 USD

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This HF Armory Sidesword handles well with the point of balance being right in front of the hilt (9cm from the crossguard).

Light version of a Bolognese side-sword made by HFarmory is a modern stylization of the medieval Bolognese side-sword for historical fencing practice and tournaments. It is maximally optimized for the rules of most historical HEMA fencing tournaments.

Blade material – 60s2a high-carbon spring-spring steel hardened up to 51-53 HRC
Diamond -shape blade with a safe tip. Flexible in the last third.
Length – 110 cm
Blade length – 95 cm
Handle length – 15 cm
Weight –  1073g

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