Blunted trainers used for historical martial arts

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Red Dragon Broadsword Synthetic

$99.99 CAD / $77.00 USD


Synthetic (plastic) Basket Hilt/Broadsword made for training in techniques from George Silver or Highland Broadsword fencing manuals.

Red Dragon Synthetics are known for their durability, and value. Their product line is fantastic for a starter trainer, or club loaner. Their Synthetics are widely used because they are safer than others for sparring with minimal gear. This model is slightly on the stiff side for thrusting, users must be careful and thrust with control.

Guards – Black
Grip – Brown, Black
Pommel – Broadsword Pommel, Wheel, Scent Stopper

Total Length: 105cm
Blade Length : 87cm
Guard Length: 14.5cm
Grip Length: 11.5cm
Pommel Length: 3.5cm
Hilt Length: 16cm
Weight: 690g
POB: 15.24cm
Material: Plastic, Steel, Brass

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