SPES AP Pro 350N Size Large

AP PRO 350N jacket is a combination of wearing comfort with high level of durability. The design is based on the standard “AP” model, highly valued among HEMA lovers.

The modernized structure is an excellent, comprehensive solution for all HEMA trainees, regardless of the type of exercises. We recommend using it for heavy training with the longsword simulator.

This jacket is made of black material and fastened with zipper + velcro. Black suede leather was added to the front with velcro. You can detach it without any problems. Additionally, it has mountings on the sleeves, where the PRO overlays are attached. The collar has a blade-catcher.

Fabric used in making of this jacked has 350N puncture resistance. A leather element is attached to the front, which improves durability without reducing the comfort of use.

There are plastic, specially shaped PRO overlays attached to the mountings on the sleeves which let you use the jacket without the necessity of wearing additional overlays. It also shortens the preparation time before training, letting you enjoy it.

The high level of durability combined with the comfort of use allow you to fully enjoy the feelings during training. Despite the increased level of cushioning, this jacket is comfortable and does not restrict the movement during use.

  • leather at the front can be detached
  • PRO overlays are included

AP Womens HEMA Jacket NG 800N

The women’s version of the AP NG 800N HEMA jacket model, based on the well known AP 350N for women and being its upgraded version.

This HEMA jacket is an all-purpose model, matching the current, more demanding regulations, and every HEMA competition. It will meet the expectations of both advanced and beginning users.

The design of AP NG 800N was refreshed. This model has grey tapes on sleeves and front. Adjustable back strap is also in this color. Under the front tape, there is a zipper and velcro.

This HEMA jacket is made from the composite of 800N puncture resistance. It has a bladecatcher, adjustable waist girth, and slits at the bottom line of the back for better fitting in the hips area. The design of this model gives an option of additional modifications, increasing its features to the level of the best HEMA jackets like AP PRO and Hussar. Tapes on the sleeves make it easy to mount additional overlays like PRO set on arms, PRO set on forearms, or Shell on elbows.

Traditional felt filling was replaced by thick, resilient 3D mesh. Inside the jacket there are special pockets for additional cushioning foams (not included in the set).

What makes this jacket special is its breathable construction. It meets the needs of women by fitting the body shape and not hindering the movement. The filling used in this model is breathable, providing better moisture removal and very good cushioning.

Jacket is available in ONLY 5 colors:

  • black
  • red
  • white
  • blue
  • warm grey

Small, Medium, Large, XL

SPES AP Women’s HEMA Jacket 350N

After noticing a growing group of ladies within HEMA community along with the growing popularity of this jacket model SPES decided to redesign it in the best way to be suitable for ladies’ anatomical shape.

New, wider size chart allows choosing the suitable size of the jacket. Entirely changed cut perfectly fits the woman’s silhouette. Strap adjustment allows fitting of the jacket’s width at the belt, which makes it very comfortable in use. Slits on the back make the jacket fit perfectly and prevent movement limitation during training.

To increase the protection level, the jacket has thick amortization layers on the chest, ribs, shoulders and elbows. The construction consists of layers such as: outer layer (made of durable cotton fabric), amortization layer and inside lining (same colour as outer).

All the examples of Woman’s AP jacket 350N are equipped with a new, stronger YKK zipper with durability of 90kg/cm.

The jacket is made of fabrics which have a 350N puncture resistance certificate.

The jacket is available in three standard colours: black, red and white.
Custom colours are also available for a $25.00 surcharge which you can choose from our palette of colours.

“AP” Women’s Fencing Jacket 350N v3.0 (10/2016):

• changed cut, which is better fitted for women’s body
• wider range of measurements in order to choose suitable size easier
• additional possibility to adjust the jacket at the belt due to the fastening strap at the back
• slits at the back, which allow better fitting of the jacket and free movement of the whole body

AP Women’s HEMA Jacket 350N V2.0 (09/2015):

• The fabrics have been certified 350N puncture resistance.
• The construction of the jacket has been strengthened.
• More durable zip.

Current Stock
XXL – Black
XL – Black
L – Black
S – Black

SPES Light HEMA Jacket NG 800N

This newly improved Light AP is much better than the previous version. The new version has removable padding that covers the areas that were not covered before i.e Upper Chest, and just above the elbow. Recommend this jacket to folks who train in a variety of weapons from light to medium intensity. Some parts of this jacket feels better protected or just as close as the Non-Light AP version, however the Non Light AP will always give better all around protection.

Features of the jacket:
based on the AP Light HEMA jacket 350N
increased breathability and air circulation
better fitting to the body – adjustable back strap
available in XS-XXL size range
attachment points for Shell overlays
800N puncture resistance
extra pockets for additional cushioning foams
new, refreshed design

Jacket is available in ONLY 5 colors:

  • black
  • red
  • white
  • blue
  • warm grey

Current Stock:
S – Black

ap 800N


Based on the popular 350N model, the new NG 800N series is an upgraded version with additional features.

What makes this jacket special?
Breathable padding
Option of adding additional Foam protection
Felt filling has been replaced with 3D mesh that is breathable, and has better moisture removal properties.
Visually, it has grey tapes on sleeves and front flap, and a adjustable strap on back
Attachment points for PRO or Shell overlays
This model is all-purpose, matching the current, more demanding rules of HEMA tournaments. AP NG 800N should meet the expectations of beginners in HEMA, as well as most advanced people.


  • Cushioning foams are NOT included in the set; you can order them separately or choose some other material and give it a proper shape
  • PRO and Shell overlays are not included in the set; you can order them separately

Jacket is available in ONLY 5 colors:

  • black
  • red
  • white
  • blue
  • warm grey

Current Stock
Small – Black
M – Black
L – Black, Red

HGC 350N Gambeson


HEMA Gear Canada 350N Gambesons are made with 350N certified fabric.

This gambeson is made for HEMA use, it is designed to provide the wearer protection without redistricting movements that is needed for the practice of historical fencing.

It has optimum mobility in the arms and shoulders. Thick protection for the upper arm area, and chest. This Gambeson is meant for heavy to medium trainers i.e Longsword to Military Saber

The HGC model comes with sport mesh liner material to provide the wearer with maximum comfort.

– Extra forearm padding (This model has more forearm protection than the SPES AP models, but not too thick either, only one layer of padding).
– Extra padding on chest and upper arm area.
Recommended for beginners

Sizes that are currently SOLD OUT and waiting on stock:



Jacket SizesXSmallSmallMediumLargeXLXXLXXXL4XL
Total Length (A)6062656669727578
Chest Girth (B)75-9085-10095-115100-120110-130130-145140-155150-165
Sleeve Length (C)6163676768697071
Waist Girth (D)65-7575-8585-9595-100110-130130-145140-155150-165
All measurements are in centimeters (cm)