HGC BoH Protector

The HGC Back of the Head Protector is an easy to use piece of equipment that can be attached to the back of a fencing mask to protect the wearer against blows behind the mask.

This BoH Protector is light, easy to use, and made with rigid protection. There is a thick plastic plate with padding to absorb percussive impact. This type of BoH protector allows air to flow through the side panels of the mask, unlike other BoH overlays.

Total weight: 610grams

Paddy – HEMA Fencing Mask Lining

Paddy is the Rearguard fencing mask lining, or mask insert, that is made especially having HEMA in mind. The lining is made out of a 3D mesh material which provides ventilation as well as some shock absorption. They also did not stop there, they also added a special ACF foam which drastically decreases the force from blows to the head.

The ACF Foam is located on the temples, forehead, and top of the head.

Additionally, Rearguard also added some microfiber materials for all you bearded people so that you can be extra comfy during fencing! The lining is compatible with any mask that has a removable lining.

Since the Lining is machine washable, we specifically recommend this item to clubs where many fencers use the same mask!

Size is measured by taking a measuring tape and going around your head in the following manner: under the chin, to ear, to top of the head, to other ear, and back down to under the chin (or just go by the mask size that you will be using for the padding).

Small (56-60cm)
Medium (61-65cm)
Large (66-69cm)
XL (Over 70cm)


Economical 350N Fencing Mask


This is a great mask for beginners or club loaner gear. Comes with a removable inner liner for easy washing purposes.
Mask can also be slightly molded with pressure (squeezing the mask between your thigh), this will elongate the mask slightly.

Product details:
3 Weapons coach mask: EN 13567 Level 1 certified with a 350N bib.

Small: 50cm-55cm
Medium: 56cm-60cm
Large: 61cm-66cm
X Large: 66cm-72cm

TLC BoH Protector

Made to Order Item 
TLC Back of the Head Protector is made with hardened veg tanned leather 12/14 oz. Perfect for light to medium HEMA trainers. Additional padding can be ordered for use with Longsword. This BoH offers fantastic protection over the nape, and allows the mask to breathe better than BoH’s that are overlays.

Colour Options:
BoH – Natural, Black, or Red
Nape – Natural, Black, or Red
Stitching – Black or Red
Strapping – Black or Grey

Weight – 342 grams
Length – 33.5 cm
Width – 20 cm (at back of the head) 24.5 cm(widest nape protector)

Made in USA

Red Dragon Gorget


Red Dragon Gorget is the perfect starter gorget! While it is inexpensive, it also offers good protection to the neck but also the clavicle.  This gorget is one size fits most, and can easily be worn under the gambeson or fencing jacket. The Velcro strap in the back makes it easy to use.

This gorget does not have back of the neck protection.

Thronewood Gorget


Made of hardened leather, the Thronewood Gorget is designed to provide protective coverage for the clavicle. We believe that clavicle protection is disregarded with most industry jackets, and so we wanted to design a Gorget that would cover and protect the wearer’s clavicle without restricting arm/shoulder movement.

Product Information:
Materials – 8oz, wax hardened veg tan leather
Whole length – 45cm
Back length – 16cm
Bib length. -13.5cm
Back width – 24cm
Bib width – 21cm
Clavicle width. – 5.5cm
Collar – 36-51cm (adjustable)

Custom Laser Etching Available

Made in Canada

Rearguard V2 1600N Fencing Mask

SOLD OUT! Available for pre-order!

The Rearguard v2 is an absolute beast of a fencing mask. Most fencing mask in the market are not made to handle the percussive strikes from a longsword.
Fencing masks were originally designed to take hits directly to the face or hits around the face by light sport weapons i.e. modern saber
(max weight 500grams/1.1lbs). HEMA Longswords could weight up to 3 lbs, and so the Rearguard team designed a mask that would provide the protection needed for HEMA.

Rearguard V2 Features:
– Elongated back of the mask, protecting the back side of the head
– Slightly elongated front mesh to reduce the possibility of a “bloody waffle” –  the imprint of mesh on skin
– Mesh backplate to protect the parietal bone
– Back-of-head protector to cover the occipital bone
– Inner reinforcement bar to help prevent mesh hitting the face
– Extra rubber ring on the forehead and back of the mask to help with force  absorption
– Grommeted holes for easier modification
– CEN2/FIE certified (1600N bib, 1000N mesh)

Having your mask fit correctly is one of the most important things when wearing it. Keep in mind that the mask is slightly moldable – if it is tight on your chin and jaw, put it between your thighs or sit on it right where the full circumference rubber ring is, and exert pressure. This will elongate the mask a bit, allowing for a more comfortable fit. Some fencers also like to use an extra scrum cap underneath the mask for extra protection. If that’s the case, please keep it in mind when choosing your size. The size is measured be taking a measuring tape and going around your head in the following manner: under the chin – ear – top of head – ear – chin. Here are the sizing in cm:

S (56-60cm) SOLD OUT
M (61-65cm) SOLD OUT

L (66-69cm) SOLD OUT
XL (over 70cm) SOLD OUT

Special Padding
The Rearguard V2 comes with special Artificial Cartilage Foam padding that absorbs shock and covers the forehead, sides, and top the head. Microfiber chin pad reduces and eliminate rashes that could form on the chin. The material is antibacterial and very breathable.

Extra Informative Videos
What is the proper fit?
How to fit the aventail