SPES Meyer “Puffy” Pants

CUSTOM MADE ONLY ITEM. This item is made to order, because of the different color options HGC can’t afford to stock all the colors and sizes.

From the beginning our aim was to join traditional design with modern solutions. Meyer 350N HEMA Puffy Pants fit perfectly in this concept.

Their design makes them appropriate for both men and women. Meyer Puffy Pants are the best for training with lighter arms such as sabre or messer.

The most characteristic feature of this model is their puffy design. They are made of two contrastive colors. Meyer pants are high waisted and they allow for attaching suspenders (not included in the set). Pants have adjustable girth on the back and on the sides.

Meyer pants are made from 350N puncture resistance fabrics. This model has a double fastening in a form of velcro and zipper. Under the knees there are drawcords for better fitting to legs.

We don’t have to convince anyone that such spacious HEMA pants are very convenient. Drawstrings under knees and in the waist section prevent the pants from shifting and moving during training.

  • color change applies only to color of puffs; base stays in default color – black
  • suspenders for these pants are available for additional charge

Puffy pants in the past

This type of pants was popular in the 16th and 17th centuries in almost all of Europe, but they were also present at the end of the 15th century. It is also characteristic for HEMA treatises from this period.

Pluderhose, as this type of clothing was originally named, reached its final form (with legs reaching knees) in the renaissance period. Then, these were the most fashionable pants. However, it’s hard to specify their origin – depending on the region, people believed they came from Spain or Greece. They gained their greatest popularity in Germany where Landsknechts included them in their combat costume.

Joachim Meyer

He was the 16th century German fencing master and the last person connected with the greatest swordfighter – Johannes Liechtenauer. Meyer is the author of four fencing guidebooks, so called treatises. These include his experience from German school as well as all techniques used in other countries, like Italy. Meyer’s books are also richly illustrated.

SPES Dragonfly Pants 800N

Dragonfly HEMA Pants NG 800N combine features of the best SPES products – Locust and Hussar. They will be perfect for users searching for gear made from 800N puncture resistance fabric. This model is dedicated mostly for longsword HEMA training of high intensity.

Dragonfly NG 800N pants are high-waisted, hiding the underbelly area. This equipment has both velcro straps and a zipper. They have red trimming on the sides and a pocket on the back. The colored trim refers to the 19th century military uniforms. Unique design will make you stand out from the crowd at the tournaments.

Dragonfly NG 800N are made from 800N puncture resistance fabric. This HEMA equipment has a complex cushioning layer – foams on knees, outer sides of thighs and on hips. There are also mountings for additional overlays on the knees, like Shell. On the hips in the front part, there are special pockets for additional foams, which are mounted to the waist of the pants.

You can easily fit them to the body thanks to the adjustable straps and suspenders. Pants are very comfortable to use thanks to their weight. They provide freedom of movement during training too.

the chosen color does not change the color of the trimming and the pocket – these remain red.
foams for pockets on the hips are not included


Available sizes:

SPES Locust Women’s HEMA Pants 350N

Pants reaching knees, designed for women who train HEMA. A welt under the knee is made of rubber. High waisted pants – thanks to adjustable straps, they can be easily fitted at the waist. They also have rubber suspenders, which have adjustable length, fastened on plastic buckles. The cut of the pants near the hips is loose so as not to limit movement.

Women’s Locust HEMA Pants have three inner pockets on each side: on hip, inner and outer side of thigh. Light foam inserts can be placed into them. Attention: foams can be easily dismounted if you need to wash these pants.

The front of legs is reinforced with quilting. There is an elastic strip sewn in crotch, to increase the ease of moving. In the lower part of thigh you can find additional handles which allow you to mount additional overlays for knee.

Women’s version of “Locust” Pants looks magnificent with “AP” Women’s Jacket 350N V3.0.

Normally, these pants are available in three colours: black, red and white. For an additional surcharge there are also other colours available – look at colour palette.

Locust Women’s HEMA Pants 350N (02/2018)

The measurements table for women’s pants has been updated, now it is the same as the measurements table of women’s jackets. The structure of the pants has not changed.

Current Stock
XL – Black
L- Black
M- Black
S – Black

SPES Locust HEMA Pants 350N

Breeches specially designed for HEMA trainings. Made of durable cotton fabric. Length just below the knee. Elastic ribbing at the end of the leg below the knee. Breeches have high waist and are kept in place thanks to elastic braces fastened with plastic clasps with length regulation.

Locust HEMA pants 350N are equipped with three internal pockets on each side, at the hip, and on outer and inner part of thigh. They may be filled with plastic foam to increase breeches properties. It’s easy to remove the foam for example to wash the breeches.

Front of the legs strengthened with quilting. To increase mobility an elastic piece of fabric has been sewn into the crotch.

Bottom part of the legs has been equipped with mounting points which are designed specially to attach additional knee overlays.

On the back there are two pockets closed with Velcro tape.

The pants are available in three standard colours: black, red and white.
Custom colours are also available for 7€ surcharge which you can choose from our palette of colours.

Characteristic points:

  1. Elastic braces with clasp and with length regulation
  2. Pockets with foam insertion/pads
  3. Elastic piece of fabric to increase mobility
  4. Mounting points for additional knee overlays
  5. Knee-part with quilting

Locust HEMA Pants 350N V2.0 (11/2015)
• The fabrics have been 350N puncture resistance.
• The construction of pants was strengthened.

Currently in stock
XL – Black
L – Black
M – Black
Small – Black

HGC 350N Skirt Standard Size

SOLD OUT!! COMING SOON! Also, new optional longer size will be 60cm total length

HGC 350N Skirt Standard Size is made for thigh protection.

It is made with 350N puncture resistance fabric. A thick layer of padding helps absorb impact to the tasset protected areas. Adjustable belt with buckle makes the HGC 350N Skirt a one size should fit most folks 😉


Length 44.5cm (Top to bottom)

Width fits up to 130cm (Circumference at Hips)

800N HEMA pants

HGC Furukawa 800N Pants

HEMA Gear Canada Furukawa 800N pants are made with 800N certified fabric.
Named after Michael Furukawa a fencer and HEMA gloves maker. Michael gave us the idea of removable padding, and thus in honor of his great idea we decided to name our pants after him.

These pants were designed for versatile use. Padding can be kept on for heavy weapons, and then taken off for lighter weapon use.

The HGC model Bonus features
– Two back pockets for cellphone and wallet
– Additional Side of the thigh protection
– Removable Padding
– Easy wash (remove padding for washing)
– Modified look to be worn without padding (padding pockets are on the inside of the pants)

Waist Girth (A)76.284-8888-9292-100100-108108-116116-124
Hip Girth (B)91104108112117122129
Total Length (C)66737575777981
Thigh Girth (D)64677073767981
All measurements are in centimeters (cm)

HGC 350N Pants

HEMA Gear Canada 350N pants are made with 350N certified fabric. 

These pants are made for HEMA use, it is designed to provide the wearer with protection needed for the practice of historical fencing. 

The HGC model Bonus features

– Two back pockets for cell phone and wallet 

– Additional Side of the thigh protection

– Lightly padded over the knee (no foam padding there) 

– Bigger additional padding coverage on the hips – Slightly modified look. See the size chart below for more details


PSA HEMA Knee Protector


This Knee protector was designed to look historical while providing protection to both sides of the knee. Unlike other knee protectors, these come in various sizes. Please have a look at our size charts.

Product info:
Material – High Density Polyethylene
Thickness – 1/8” – 1/4” inch

Made in Canada