HGC Heavy Padded Gloves

HGC Heavy Padded Gloves

$59.99 CAD / $48.00 USD

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The HGC Heavy Padded Leather gloves, are made with cow leather and has reinforced thicker stripes of padding on the forearm, back of the hand, and fingers. What makes it HGC is that they are made with additional build in finger tip protectors(Rubber protection for top and side of finger tips).
There are also carbon plates on the knuckle and thumb joint.

Recommended for Single stick, Rapier, or Trainers with complex hilts or shell/cup guards. Glove is not as snug as the Padded Glove.

Sizes fit slightly wide on the palm and fingers (roughly 1 cm wider on the palms).

XL and XXL sizes now available !

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