Red Dragon Gloves

Red Dragon Gloves

$120 CAD / 96 USD

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These Red Dragon Gloves were designed for synthetic trainers, however they have been becoming increasingly popular for sidesword, saber, broadsword, and arming sword sparring. These are not indestructible, and we would like to recommend that they are used with fingertip protectors. Please use these in controlled sparring environments as they are only considered as \\\"medium\\\" protection gloves.

Steel trainers can still hit in between the padding, so please use at your own risk.

Like any other sport equipment, these will need to be replaced over time.

They come in two sizes, please check the size charts below under additional photos.

- Overlapping finger plates
- Rigid Knuckle protection
- Decent grip and thick palm material
- Will need to be broken in as they come stiff

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